The mission landed a rover -- Sojourner -- on the surface of Mars. on July 4, 1997, Pathfinder was heading for its approximately 100- by 200-kilometer (60- by 120-mile) landing ellipse. Pathfinder, scheduled to land Friday, July 4, will be the first spacecraft to land on Mars since Viking in 1976. The Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer is one of the key scientific instruments on board the Pathfinder's rover, Sojourner, which will be able to roam across the Martian surface guided by scientists and engineers on Earth. At the tip of the far panel the meteorology mast is shown erected, with three sets of temperature sensors in position to measure the tempera- Instrument Host Mars Pathfinder Rover. The Mars Pathfinder mission was designed to demonstrate a low-cost method for delivering a set of science instruments to the Red Planet.
The Pathfinder lander as it will be deployed after landing on Mars and opening its three solar panels.

Mars: Mars Pathfinder (MPF) Imager for Mars Pathfinder: 1600x1200x3: PIA05039: Pathfinder Spies Dust Devils Full Resolution: TIFF (712.1 kB) JPEG (91.14 kB) 2005-03-11: Mars: Mars Pathfinder (MPF) Imager for Mars Pathfinder: 920x225x3: PIA07453: They were discovered on the first panoramas taken by the IMP camera on the 4th of July, 1997, and subsequently identified in Viking Orbiter images taken over 20 years ago. Mars Pathfinder Mission Summary. Artist's concept of lander and microrover on Mars (Graphics and images courtesy of NASA JPL) The Mars Pathfinder Mission is the second launch in the Discovery Program, a NASA initiative for small planetary missions with a maximum three year development cycle and a cost cap of $150M (FY92) for development.

Sojourner rover on Mars on sol 22. The Mars Pathfinder conducted different investigations on the Martian soil using three scientific instruments. Instrument Mars Pathfinder Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer. Instrument electronics assemblies Alpha proton X-ray spectrometer (APXS) Figure 1. The Twin Peaks are modest-size hills to the southwest of the Mars Pathfinder landing site. Mars Pathfinder. Targets PDS Welcome to the Planets: Mars PDS High Level Catalog: Mars.