Why would that mean that. It's Adrien's Birthday and he is inviting some pals over to party...and maybe hook up.

Adrien wasn't told anything about it, just the address and to be there at 6PM sharp. And another reason I think that Gabriel Agreste is hawk mouth. And we could also agrue that because of his emerald eyes and his theme colors being green and black, that he was born in the spring time during the month of MAY.

"Hey Adrien ,Happy birthday." And his last name Agreste means the " grayling butterfly" so Adrien name means. Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug (5) Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug (2) Include Additional Tags Adrien Agreste's Birthday (5) Fluff (4) Humor (1) Bad Parenting (1) Alternate Universe - Hogwarts (1) Sign Language (1) Surprise Party (1) Birthday Party (1) Tooth-Rotting Fluff (1)

'It was Adrien Agreste's 25th birthday, and his best friend from high school Nino, was hosting a party for him. Just silly humor and cutesy romance left and right! Well I have the akuma that hawk mouth reliese a dark butterfly. ~Your POV (finally)~ You were on your way downstairs when you saw Adrien sad and sitting alone. Adrien looked back at his schedule with a sad look on his face " Course not." Meaning Adrien's birthday could span anywhere from March to August. Adrien means"the dark one" that's almost scary to think about. Have you guys made a connection.

The dark butterfly. Sequel to What happens in Agreste Mansion, stays in the Agreste house! Natalie said before she left .Then Adrien was left all alone until you came along. Only not mature and no lemons! "Happy birthday Adrien."