A mad scientist transferring a dead woman in a freezer with an armed guard on a plane to Paris.

The 15 Best Disaster Movies Of All Time ... to work a good old-fashioned airplane disaster into the mix.

100 best Air Disaster / Airplane movies in no specific order, just the favorite ones on top and newest on the bottom. If there are any great movies about aviation you believe we missed, please feel free to add them to the list yourself.

The Best Air Disaster Movies All Genre Movies Lists Updated February 4, 2020 956 votes 279 voters 47.2k views 21 items A list of the best plane crash movies ever made, ranked by film fans' votes. Plot. Airplanes: They're a useful mode of transportation, reliable subject matter for hacky stand-up comics, and a linchpin for some of the most memorable movies ever made. Events which we might not have paid heed to or never even heard about them. This list of movies about air . The list contains the best, new and most relevant air disaster movies ordered by relevance. Not to worry. Although most of the cast reunited for the sequel, the writers and directors of Airplane!

After a bit of turbulence, the freezer breaks down and she is awake, then turns into a zombie and starts to infect all on board. Airplane & Disaster Movies. Follow. 30 Pins • 59 followers All those airplane disaster films. Leave it to the British to make one of the more sober disaster movies of all time. It was distributed by The Asylum. See more ideas about Disaster movie, Disaster film, Movies. Collection by Zarquon The. Airline Disaster is a action disaster film directed by John J. Willis III and starring Meredith Baxter, Scott Valentine, Lindsey McKeon and Jay Beyers. Remember 2012, the disaster movie which was supposed to deeply impress us by using the Mayan theory, amazing effects but failed to do so?? The made-for-television film was broadcast in 2010 and released to home media in 2011. A list of the best airplane movies ever made, ranked by movie fans with film trailers when available. And some others which made no sense. Hollywood is full of disaster movies, and some of them are based on true events. This aviation movie list is ordered by popularity, so only the greatest movies about airplanes are at the top of the list. 1 hr 29 min TV-14 Action Thriller Domestic terrorists skyjack the world’s largest passenger plane on its maiden voyage. chose not to be involved. This is purely commercial / passenger airplane movies list, no Air Force, no war movies. Airplane II: The Sequel, first released on December 10, 1982, attempted to tackle the science fiction film genre, though there was still emphasis on the general theme of disaster films. Flightplan (2005) Jodie Foster The Fosters Internet Movies Movies Online Love Movie Movie Tv Logo Anime Peter Sarsgaard Flims. Aug 7, 2019 - All those airplane disaster films.