Each of these three new engines plays a specific role. This Auxiliary Power Unit is fully manufactured using Additive Layer Manufacturing.

Ariane 6 is a launch vehicle developed and manufactured by ArianeGroup under the authority of the European Space Agency (ESA), with a first test flight scheduled for 2020 or, now more likely, 2021. The first 3D-printed APU has been produced and tests have begun. The P120Cs provide most of the thrust at lift-off, while the Vulcain ® 2.1 provides propulsion for the Ariane 6 main stage, delivering a powerful acceleration during the first eight minutes of flight, up to an altitude of around 160km, and the Vinci ® provides the extra speed needed to place the satellites in orbit.

APU (Auxiliary Power Unit): Ariane 6 Upper stage features a gas generator able to pressurize LOX tanks during flight.