Yet when American gun control advocates and politicians praise Australia’s gun laws, that’s just what they’re doing.
The rate of gun-related homicides fell in the wake of the NFA, but the law had no effect “over and above a broad decline” in homicides involving all kinds of weapons, the study authors wrote. Meanwhile there's more guns in the hands of criminals than ever, and law abiding Australians can't even legally defend themselves.

The Australian experience proves it. However, Australian ambassador to the U.S., Joe Hockey, who helped craft the National Firearms Act while serving in Parliament, says that idea is naive. Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws affect only the law-abiding citizens. We've known that Australia's gun control is a big bucket of suck for a while now (see Australia's Gun Ban Results in More Guns Than Ever... New Findings.). But this adds confirmation gun control doesn't make people safer.

After each, gun control advocates in the U.S. inevitably point to Australia's success in curbing mass shootings as something that could be replicated here.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the world contains only two nations (Australia and the United States) if you listened to the gun control debate in Australia. Australia’s Ambassador: “Australian Gun Laws Cannot Save America” Australian ambassador to the U.S., Joe Hockey helped craft the NFA while he served in parliament, but doesn’t believe similar legislation would be a remedy for the U.S.. Even when Australia had very few gun control laws we never saw the level of gun violence that plagues some parts of the United States.

I learned this from a dozen memes that appeared in my Facebook news feed, a conversation with my neighbor, and a slew of media stories.
This NBC story, for example, was published as I started writing this story. Australia’s gun control law is a great success, if you haven’t heard.