His studio was in his home where he worked full-time upon retiring as artist-illustrator for the Bureau of Sports Fisheries and Wildlife, Washington, D.C. Bob Hines was born in … SHOP ... We are artists and craftsmen that make mirrors the old way, by hand, one at a time, starting with transparent glass.

He began as a staff artist for the Ohio Division of Conservation and Natural Resources during the Great Depression.
Though lacking formal art training, Hines became the vehicle through which millions of citizens learned about their natural history. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), the only person in the history of that organization to hold the title of National Wildlife Artist. Much of his career was spent as illustrator for the U.S. He has served more than 20 years in the United State Air Force (USAF) as an instructor pilot, fighter pilot, and a test pilot. Vous avez cherché ceci : artist bob hines ! Bob Hines was selected by NASA to join the 2017 Astronaut Candidate Class. Robert (Bob) W. Hines (1912-1994) was an American wildlife artist.

We take great care to insure that our glass is indistinguishable from actual antique mirror – by carefully developing various patinas and coloring that look naturally occuring. Hines began his career as a staff artist for the Ohio Division of Conservation and Natural Resources in 1939 and moved to the Washington DC area to take the position of staff artist for the United States Fish & Wildlife Service from 1948 until his retirement in 1981. Bob Hines: Wildlife Artist Bob Hines (Courtesy of U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service) For Bob Hines, the Sandusky River Valley’s wildlife proved an endless source of fascination.

Fish and Wildlife Service. Bob Hines was the former staff artist for the U.S.

Quel que soit ce que vous cherchez ou votre situation géographique, les vendeurs de notre place de marché internationale peuvent vous aider à trouver des options uniques et à prix abordable. Bob Hines is a ground-breaking urban planner and rural sociologist as well as an accomplished artist and researcher. Bob Hines was an extremely talented - and self-taught - wildlife artist. Camping, fishing, and hiking consumed his boyhood days. Bob Hines 1912-1994 Born and raised in Ohio, Robert W. Hines never took a formal art course after high school. HINES STUDIOS LTD. R SQUARED MIRROR GLASS GALLERY. Bob Hines is an artist. As Bob Hines imbued his wildlife subjects with vitality in his artwork, John D. Juriga brings life to Hines's remarkable talent and career in his captivating biography, Bob Hines: National Wildlife Artist.Hines, a gifted self-taught artist, found his calling during the darkness of the Great Depression, turning to art as a means of sharing the richness in nature's beauty. In 1948 he accepted employment as an artist with the U.S. He pioneered the concept of local history reclamation as …
John Juriga's book, Bob Hines: National WIldlife Artist (2012, Beaver's Pond Press) describes the life and work of this prolific and extraordinary wildlife artist.