In this leadership, leaders make decisions on their own without consulting subordinates. Now the company’s revenue is on track to reach $100 million. An autocratic work environment normally has little or no flexibility. Autocratic leadership style is a strong one-dimensional leadership style that gives full power or authority to the leader/boss/manager. In this leadership the leader holds all authority and responsibility. Sameer Dholakia brought his servant-leadership style to SendGrid company when he joined it in 2014.

For two years in a row sales grew nearly 40%.

In this style, the leader makes all the decisions without any consultation with subordinates or team members. My friend was experiencing absentee leadership , and unfortunately, he is not alone. Autocratic leadership style is centered on the boss. Rather, his boss was a leader in title only — his role was leadership, but he provided none. He makes all the crucial calls which are then communicated to team members and they are expected to work on the instructions immediately.

But over the next three years, he reversed this tendency. They reach decisions, communicate them to subordinates and expect prompt implementation. Upon his arrival, the startup’s growth was slowing.