December 31, 2019 Urban Dictionary. A euphemism used to describe getting the raw end of a deal. Strainer - … ‘Canoeing’ (the practice of firing bullets into an enemy combatant’s head - alive or dead - in a ‘V’ pattern intended to turn the top of the cranium into a hollowed-out canoe) is considered a war crime because … Can be quickly remedied by [saliva] on [the finger] and well placed [tapping] Descriptions and examples for canoeing . We found 45 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word canoe: ... Urban Dictionary [home, info] Sports (1 matching dictionary) ... canoeable, canoed, canoeing, canoeist, buckeye, craft, kayak, paddleboat, more... Search for canoe on Google or Wikipedia. This can be used in place of getting screwed, getting fucked.

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A city of northern Nigeria northeast of Kaduna. This term is used to mention to canoeing which abnormally onerous and complicated as a result of numerous difficulties including strainers, shallow water, or too many portages. (a way of) enjoying yourself when you are not working: 2. the act of making something exist or….

used by couples to mask the fact that they're just heading to a cabin for sexual relations. Learn more. by Breann Report definition The work of floating down a river in a canoe or raft while consuming alcoholic beverages. What does wamping mean in Urban Dictionary? towpath definition: 1. a path that goes along the side of a river or canal, used in the past by horses pulling boats…. Derived from the similarity of the act to using a kayak paddle, where the two opposite ends of the paddle are dipped consecutively into the water. Skeg - An adjustable fin used to help some sea kayaks track straight. Another name for vagina. Kano synonyms, Kano pronunciation, Kano translation, English dictionary definition of Kano. Generally carried out in huge groups. A Paddler's Dictionary. Link to this page. Remove the S and you have what kayaker’s hope shuttle bunnies bring to the takeout. Your language guide to the boating world By Mike McCrea Reprint of a Canoe & Kayak Magazine article, ... are urban myths. for those that it floats there boat so to speak can throw in a cleveland steamer Also be known for group of men to take turns to canoe. Lady lays on the floor man sits on her legs either side and either just just jerks off over her or webbing over her. Learn more. Urban Word Search. The act of dipping the unbitten end of a piece of food you have taken a bite of to avoid double dipping. This is not only with blunts either. 1. tourist definition: 1. someone who visits a place for pleasure and interest, usually while on holiday: 2. a member of….

If you take one bite of a fry then dip the unbitten end in ketchup after, you are kayaking. Cabrewing in Community Dictionary Partaking of alcholic beverages while canoeing down a river. The gathering of mostly women at one location. The term originated from the common cover "We're going on a canoe trip!" waterhole definition: 1. a small pool of water in a dry area where animals go to drink 2. a small pool of water in a dry…. Type an Urban word here: canoeing When a joint burns faster on one side. The opposite of a sausage fest.

It's a lightweight craft used by douches to move around on the figurative conversational currents to spread their message of doucheness to new individuals who were blissfully unaware of their existence. At the burning tip of a blunt, when it starts to burn down farther on one side than on the rest of the blunt, it is canoeing.This can be fixed by wetting a fingertip with saliva and dampening the burned down end.

Excessively large foreskin 2.

recreation definition: 1. Learn more. heritage definition: 1. features belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages, or…. A powerful Hausa city-state, particularly in the 1600s and 1700s, it was taken by the British in 1903. It also has cupholders, which is the only redeeming quality of the douchecanoe. rafting college Platonic sharing of a twin bed when sleeping; often done in college Sarah and I were rafting last night after partying because I was too tired to walk back to my own bed. Section of foreskin that remains covering tip of penis, either partially or completely (no show canoe sock), when fully erected.