Which is why Tropical Cyclone Winston is a curious fish. 12:30, Feb 17 2016. Cyclone Winston causes damage in Tonga. According to Weather Underground, Winston is among the strongest tropical cyclones to make landfall in world recorded history, and the strongest recorded in the Southern […] Cyclone Winston, which made a direct hit on the Fijian island of Koro over the weekend, was the first Category 5 cyclone to make landfall on Fijian territory in recorded history. February 23, 2016. On February 20, 2016, a category 5 tropical cyclone thrashed the South Pacific island nation of Fiji. Analysis The cyclone was the most powerful ever recorded in Fiji and has caused significant damage to many villages, destroyed crops and resulted in severe flooding.

Cyclones are huge masses of moisture-laden air rotating around a low-pressure centre called the eye. How does this come about seemingly out of thing air and what causes it? Cyclone Winston produced wind speeds of around 300 km per hour, making it one of the strongest storms to make landfall.

Cyclone Winston, a category five storm that struck Fiji on February 20th–21st with sustained winds of up to 285 km/hour, has caused widespread damage to homes and some infrastructure. Quoting figures from the country’s National Disaster Management Office, local media in Fiji say that Tropical Cyclone Winston …

Formed on February 11th, TC Winston has been circling around the far reaches of Queensland and northern NSW's swell window for a fortnight, and except for a short pause behind New Caledonia it's provided waves the whole time. Damage to a military base in Vava'u. February 20, 2016JPEG. Facebook; Twitter; Whats App; Reddit; Email; GREG JUST. Fiji: Tropical Cyclone Winston SITUATION REPORT – 16 March 2016 IN NUMBERS BACKGROUND On 20 and 21 February, Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston cut a path of destruction across Fiji, causing widespread damage in all four divisions: Eastern, Northern, Western and Central. Cyclone Winston, the worst storm recorded in the southern hemisphere, left 42 people dead, according Fiji’s National Disaster Management Office. The storm was one of the strongest tropical … Winston strikes Fiji: your guide to cyclone science Editions Tropical Cyclone Winston causes devastation in Fiji. With sustained winds of 230 km per hour and gusts of 325 km per hour, the tropical cyclone was one of the most … As one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, tropical cyclone (TC) Winston and its 185-mph winds caused widespread devastation across the island nation of Fiji when it made landfall February 19-20. Severe tropical cyclone Winston caused widespread damage and destruction as it hit the Fiji islands on 20 and 21 February as a Category 5 intensity storm, the highest category of cyclones, with winds averaging 220 kilometers per hour and gusts of 315 kilometers per hour. ( INTERACTIVE: Tropical Cyclone Winston Forecast Path ) Fourteen days of swell with the likelihood of many more to come? Winston is forecast to make another sharp turn in the week ahead, but the cyclone may stay far enough west to spare Tonga for a third impact. When the storm came ashore on the island of Koro, it packed sustained winds of 300 kilometers (185 miles) per hour. Tropical Cyclone Winston causes devastation in Fiji, a tropical paradise. Cyclone Winston, a category-5 storm with wind gusts reaching 300km/h, struck Fiji last weekend leaving 44 people dead, 45,000 people displaced, 350,000 directly impacted and $650 million worth of damage. Author: Tom Di Liberto. Tropical Cyclone Winston Slams Fiji. Tropical Cyclone Winston has swept across parts of Fiji causing widespread storm damage and flooding, leaving hundreds of homes totally destroyed. Tonga is feeling the brunt of Tropical Cyclone Winston as it makes a U-turn ... Cyclone Winston causes damage in Tonga. Winston was one of the strongest ever cyclones to hit Fiji, with speeds more than enough to lift an airplane.