Did it myself as I was fed up ferrying the clock back and forth to the ‘expert’. How to Adjust the Picture on a Hitachi Projection TV by _shahedk . 837 views. The clock is not in beat and the following procedure needs to be followed. I don't think so. Setting the hands or normal winding will upset the beat. Although there are numerous reasons a clock may not be performing well it's usually fairly easy to zero in on the main cause for the clocks failure. Raise one side of the clock at a time ( for wall clocks - move the bottom of the clock to first one side then the other).
I need to explain here that the "main cause" is not always the only cause of a clocks problem.

A restart of the pendulum, with a wide swing, will correct the beat but it's definately not a good thing to have to restart a clock all the time.

Bend the crutch of the pendulum carefully towards this side. If you can't hear the clock ticking, it is much more difficult to set the beat. Our local clock ‘expert’ was baffled by our clock and claimed I hadn’t wound it properly. The bent rod changes the location of the crutch with respect to the bottom of the pendulum's arc. Many thanks. I understand you have a hearing problem. But on this clock you can set it pretty close to right by moving the crutch from one side to the other and noting if there is equal movement on each side of the center of the movement. Holding the vertical constant (not tilting the clock) one way to change that is to change the angle of the crutch relative to the verge, i.e. 02:33.

How to Adjust the Crutch on a Wall Clock Pendulum .

This required a very light 'correction' clutch that will go out of beat with the least disturbance.

If a clock is out of beat, the pendulum will swing for a few minutes, then stop even if the clock case is level.

1091 views. Setting The Beat of the Pendulum Clock If the beat is irregular like: tock,tick——tock, tick- an adjustment must be made or the clock will stop.

Often there will be several less obvious reasons.

Note which side, when raised, brings the clock into beat. Loading the player... 03:55.

ailments encountered in clock repair. 10:56.



to bend the crutch. How to Adjust Travel Trailer Brakes by soyjavi .

The crutch wire just needed a little adjustment and it runs fine now.

If it moves further to one side than the other, push the crutch towards the side with the least movement, … Can it also be done by bending the pendulum rod?


07:14. Repeat as necessary.

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