Finding your core values is a discovery process, but this personal core values exercise makes that process simple! This is the process for how to determine your core life values.

Perhaps allow those who see value to use it as an interesting element in self exploration. By engaging in this exercise, hopefully it will help you better understand how you have been living your life, and what needs to change in order to create the life of your dreams. STEP 3: Complete the following sentence: “The three personal values most important to me are…” STEP 4: Based on your response to Step 3, … Our clients regularly … Your core concepts are probably already floating around right now. This values exercise can be done alone, but it is also a good values exercise for groups if you want to do it at work or with friends (this makes it more fun too! Use this values clarification exercise that pulls information from your personal standards to better identify your most important values as a business and as an employee. One thing that could help is to realize that values don’t exist in a vacuum. ). Living in alignment is about matching your “real” behaviors with your “ideal Values.” Living out of alignment is a source of stress, dissatisfaction and poor decision-making. y help people to function and work better together and feel better about what they do. To have shared values in a team will: y create better understanding and communication.

In fact, why would you be on this site if you see no value? Figuring out the core values that guide your entire company’s purpose may seem like a pretty big task. If you know you can’t judge core values, why did you take the quiz? Team Core Values & WanTed BehaViours session leader Guide This exercise helps you as a leader to establish a set of shared values and related wanted behaviours. As the first step in our Alignment Model, our Values Cards provide an interactive way to define what you Value most and set the stage for behaviors and performance more closely aligned with your ideal self. Create your own values: 4 methods. BARRY DEMP COACHING CORE VALUES EXERCISE STEP 1: From the list of Core Values on the next two pages, check the top 20 that are most important to you. Establishing your own personal guidelines can remove risk and accelerate success.
Productivity Define Your Personal Core Values: 5 Steps If your company has core values, shouldn't you? Title: Microsoft Word - Core Values and Essential Intentions Worksheet.doc Author: Jennifer Ward Created Date: 5/30/2012 8:32:41 PM STEP 2: From the 20 you have checked, circle the 10 values that are the most important to you. I encourage you to take out a pen and paper, put yourself in a distraction-free environment, and spend some time reflecting on your values.