The show features a rotating cast of characters who work with the local police force to solve crimes. Part of the Life Moves On series.

Death in Paradise ist eine britische TV-Serie, in der es einen englischen Polizisten auf die Karribikinsel Sainte Marie verschlägt.

Series. ―Camille Bordey Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey appears in 28 episodes of Death in Paradise (1:1 Arriving in Paradise until 4:4 Until Death Do You Part ). Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman is a character in the crime drama television series Death in Paradise, portrayed by Kris Marshall. Juni wird es wieder hitzig auf den karibischen Inseln. Weißer Sand, kristallklares Wasser und karibische Strände. When Death in Paradise returned for its eighth series, it was without one of its beloved stars, Danny John-Jules. He shared a passionate kiss with her just before she left the island. Richard Poole; Camille Bordey; Humphrey Goodman; Original Female Character(s) Original Male Character(s) Original Child Character(s) Original Dog Character(s) Summary. Humphrey und das Team haben es wieder mal mit einem vermeintlichen Selbstmord zu tun.

Love in Paradise Chapter1 Here she was Camille Bordey ready at the airport in Saint Marie to start a new life in Paris; she was going to miss everyone, Florence, Dwayne, her mother Catherine but the person she was going to miss even more was DI Humphrey Goodman. Mai 2020 - 12:16 News. BBC-Serie von 2011. Camille Bordey was one of the original cast members of Death in Paradise, starring in the show from its beginnings. Eine Bewohnerin eines Seniorenwohnheims soll sich selbst vergiftet haben. Death in Paradise has been running on the BBC for eight seasons so far as a team of detectives investigate the bizarre murders that happen on the island of Saint Marie. Goodman and Cassell dedicate a drink to Camille after their first solved case. Richard and Camille find the relative normalcy of their lives thrown into chaos when an old acquaintance quite literally crashes back into their lives as a new neighbor. She is played by Sara Martins . While Death in Paradise (2011 – present) marked her debut on British television, Sara had already graced French television, with appearances in Disparition (2005) and La Veuve Tatouée (2008). Goodman is assigned to Saint Marie after the murder of D.I. One of the most popular dynamics in the series history was that between Humphrey and Camille in seasons three and four. Picture shows: (L-R) Camille (SARA MARTINS) and Humphrey (KRIS MARSHALL) Death in Paradise (Collectors Edition) – Ab 19. 0. von Tobias Schönig am 26. He had a soft spot for her successor, Florence Cassell, often sharing jokes together. Richard Poole at the start of Series 3. What happened to DS Camille Bordey in Death in Paradise?