Find descriptive alternatives for honor. Honour definition: Honour means doing what you believe to be right and being confident that you have done... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 7. (honours) a course of degree studies more specialized than for an ordinary pass. 6. But words like color, favor, and honor—spelled as such in American English—are colour, favour, and honour in British English.
Honour means respect or prestige. Origin Latin "Honor" 1. high respect. If a teacher wants her students to treat her with honour, she has to be worthy of … Honour) a title of respect for a circuit judge. The person who receives the most credit for this dropping of u is Noah Webster, the American lexicographer, whose dictionaries were very influential on American English. 4. a person or thing that brings credit. Learn more. If someone honors you, they recognize and award you for your achievements.

Honour is the British English spelling of the word "honor."
(His, Your, ect. Honor. Honor roll in the scholastic sense attested by 1872. Social term describing how people within a society evaluate one another. Most occurrences of honor in the Old Testament are translations of some form of kabod [], while in the New Testament they are derivatives of timao [].These terms are generally used with reference to the honor granted fellow human beings, though in some cases they are used to describe the honor a person grants God. 5. a thing conferred as distinction. 3. a clear sense of what is morally right. Synonyms for honor at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. 2. pride & pleasure from being shown respect. The initial h in honest, honor, etc., is merely etymological, the sound having already disappeared when the word … If you are called a man of honor, you are respected. Honor has many uses, all of them good. honour meaning: 1. a quality that combines respect, being proud, and honesty: 2. in order to celebrate or show….