If you are a college student, you can shop either in the store or online through the Shop for College portal, found at the bottom of Apple's website.

Each device can only be authorized to one account at a time. Go to Your Amazon Music Settings to manage devices authorized to your account. If you're building a TV app for Apple TV, or Android TV, or Fire TV, you should use Facebook SDK for tvOS or Facebook SDK for Android. The rules and terms of multiple device syncing with an Apple ID have always been a little confusing, with the introduction of iCloud posing an even bigger problem for how purchased content can be distributed and synced across multiple devices. One of Apple TV’s biggest features, is that it integrates with iTunes, which means you can view and purchase content directly from the device in the iTunes store. Apple’s new venture — Apple TV+ is another example of how Apple is turning its focus onto services while keeping its grip on the hardware.
If you already have a sizable amount of content stored locally on your computer, however, you can enable home sharing and play all of that on your Apple TV as well.

You now know which Apple ID to use to authorize the song for playback on your Mac. Apple has always limited users to a certain number of devices for authorization with a specific Apple ID. College students get discounts on computers, iPad Pros, Apple Music, and Apple Pencils all year round.

Devices used to play Amazon Music must be authorized to your Amazon account, based on our license agreements with content providers. The discount is not percentage-based, rather, it will be different for each item. are in full resolution. Go to the Watch Now tab or search for AppleTV+, start your trial, and sign in with your Apple …

Finally, this Discussion gave a good answer on Authorized vs Associated: A computer can be AUTHORIZED to play/use content purchsed from multiple iTunes Accounts.

This tab includes the name of the person who purchased the song, as well as the account name (Apple ID) that person used. Add Existing Apple Devices to Your DEP Account. Last updated December 10, 2019. To start watching Apple TV+, open the Apple TV app on a compatible device. This is a tremendous time-saver for organizations as they can ship devices directly to their final destination, without requiring IT … There is a limit to the number of computers that can be AUTHORIZED per account (5 total) but no limit as to how many accounts a computer can be AUTHORIZED to play.

Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) allows businesses to enroll new iOS and macOS devices with an Apple iOS MDM automatically when they are turned on for the first time.