Candela: 3. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Widely considered a standard of the Latin music repertoire, the song became a hit for Daniel Santos in 1948, due to his recording with La Sonora Matancera with an arrangement by Pérez Prado. El carretero: Comments. Original lyrics of Dos Gardenias song by Buena Vista Social Club. Role: Junior Member . It’s a way of telling them how lovely they are. m. keogh Like. About translator.

Explore 1 meaning or write yours. This flower is a wonderful addition to a wedding bouquet as it fits any color theme and it also brings the message of love and purity.
Read about music throughout history Read. Given in this article is the meaning of this beautiful flower, along with a few tips on how to care for it.

1. Chan Chan : 2. Gardenias are also given to convey “you’re lovely”. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Years later the composition would achieve international fame beyond the Spanish-speaking world … Collections with "Dos gardenias" 1. lt Like. K. Login or register to post comments; Music Tales. Find more of Buena Vista Social Club lyrics.

Mon, 20/06/2011 - 05:33 . would appreciate translation to English of entire Buena Vista social Club film made in late '90s (with Ry Cooder), if someone has it. Dos Gardenias (English translation) ... Let's consider the genre of the song, the composer, the time of authorship, and the meaning intended by the lyrics. Used in this way, the gardenia is a flower that can be given to lovers, friends, and even family. Kosmopolitan. Dos Gardenias is a bolero written by the Cuban composer Isolina Carrillo Estrada (1907-1996) in 1947. Flowers collection: Buena Vista Social Club: Top 3.
Dos gardenias para ti Con ellas quiero decir Te quiero, te adoro, mi vida Ponle todas tu atención Que serán tu corazón y el mio Dos gardenias para ti Que tendrán todo el calor de un beso De esos besos que te di Y que jamas te encontrarán En el calor de otro querer A tu lado vivirán y te hablarán Como cuando estás conmigo Y hasta creerán Que te dirán te quiero.

Dos gardenias "Dos gardenias" is a bolero written in 1945 by Cuban composer and pianist Isolina Carrillo. And because the color of the gardenia is white, it also signifies purity. Given in this article is the meaning of this beautiful flower, along with a few tips on how to care for it. The startling whites of a gardenia add beauty to a garden. Dos Gardenias is a timeless song, inspiring performers, recording artists and audiences to this day. Mon, 20/06/2011 - 08:28 .