I don't need to feel love Feel Something Lyrics: I don't know what I'm feelin' these days, but / I hope it gets better, and it / Cuts deep like I'm grippin' a blade, my / Head's light as a feather / And I hope that I feel it Feel Something Lyrics: Sometimes I wish we never met / Feel all the things that I never felt / And if love would come too easy don't go easy on me, baby / … Lyrics to 'feel something' by Bea Miller. Mike Joseph have been translated into 2 languages. The Lyrics for Feel Something by Fátima Pinto feat. If I could choose anything I would be good and bad one day I would fall into love and stay Would fall into love Wanna feel something (Wanna feel something) Just wanna feel something (Wanna feel something) I've been leaving my heart in all the wrong places Took it back way too soon when I should've been patient I built all these walls so no one could break in Truth it, I miss those nights when my heart could be naked. Excision & I Prevail] I don’t pray to God, but I did today Just to take a minute of the pain away ‘Cause I’m scared that I believe in nothing Am I on my own? ILLENIUM – Feel Something Lyrics [Feat. I’m afraid to let go. I don’t wanna break, but I did today Guess I only have myself to blame Sh-sh-should I just let go?