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c o m Page 6 satisfaction. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a leader of a team, or are looking to find clarity on your next move, your WHY is the one constant that will guide you toward fulfillment in your … Worksheet for Simon Sinek | What’s Your “Why” and Where Do You Find It? I created Finding Your Why to help people like me.

And no, it wasn’t easy as I needed to admit that I had to make some life-changes. [p] Personal Values List: From the list of 36 values below, rate each one High, Medium, or Low, and then, from the ones you rate High, choose the top five that

Next week we’ll talk about what to do with your WHY. What is your “WHY?” The main issue I have heard, from tens if not hundreds of thousands of people over the years is that, so many people KNOW they desperately WANT and NEED to lose the weight, but for whatever reason they can never string enough little ‘wins’ together to get any momentum.

Others show up because of how they do things.

We found some Images about Finding Your Why Worksheet: Click here for my Finding Your WHY Worksheet, a list of questions that can help guide you to discover your WHY. Finding Your Purpose - Workbook w w w . Your purpose can (and will) be expressed through any activity Finding Your Why Worksheet . It just felt so RIGHT. (Episode 6) Don't Get Obsessed with Daily Metrics Simon points out that many say why is particularly important during moments of uncertainty, but the reality is that things are always uncertain. We measure our success by the number of product features we build, how many goods we sell, how many client calls we make. D e l i b e r a t e R e c e i v i n g . It’s a little workbook full of reflective and insightful exercises, exercises that helped me pull my life back together.

Find Your WHY. Some of us show up because of what we do. Send me your WHY statement draft at This blog was ORIGINALLY published in 2013 but was updated in February 2017. So go on, grab your free Finding Your Why …

I wanted more of that feeling and little else in my life could compare to it. Every day you make a choice about how you show up in this world – at work, in your business, in life. Let me know if its OK to share, anonymously, of course, with others in a future blogpost.