Most common time for the glebe park kids to inhabit this area, would be a friday night when social activites such as drinking, smoking and hating on the government and the world, take place.

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... Beckdawrek. Gleebs settled on a human's fruit farm, where they picked apples and pears from the trees in the farmer's orchards.

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Gleeking is the act of shooting saliva out from under your tongue. A residential neighbourhood in central Ottawa, the borders of which are the Canal and Queensway. Many people have gleeked on accident when yawning or flicking their tongue. Our physicians are committed to clinical excellence and patient-centered, compassionate care. TY 1. glebe - plot of land belonging to an English parish church or an ecclesiastical office acres, demesne, landed estate, estate, land - extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use; "the family owned a large estate on Long Island" 01-04-2018, 02:41 AM. "Exactly what it sounds like. Lansat/ Lansat Berry Q2. The raised vertical line of skin which divides the male scrotum.

There's also "gleeb", which must be another rare word that never caught on. Only talks to other guys, … Continuing his Caribbean-pillaged flow from “Madiba Riddim,” Drake uses the situation of being “blem,” that is, high on

Glebe definition, the cultivable land owned by a parish church or ecclesiastical benefice. ** 4. Early in The Wild One one of Johnny's (Marlon Brando's) gang steals a racing trophy and hands it to him; later on, Chino (Lee Marvin) alludes to the fact that Johnny really didn't win that trophy, but only "gleebed" it.
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In the 19th century, Glebe was home to architect, Edmund Blacket, who had migrated from England. A complete mess or disaster. 06/15/2010 18:12 Anonymous "A mess X 2. Kinda like B_Walk is now a thing. 06/15/2010 18:02 Anonymous "I assumed that "hot" meant they were attractive." Carlos Hernandez is on Facebook. The Urban Dictionary user 'OnePunchKeem' contributed the top definition of this word. ** 3. Everyone knows what it does, so there is no reason to explain it. He was a poster who stepped into an egregious example of the phenomenon, and got the honor of the name. Urban Dictionary: Gleb A really nice guy who is really shy. Annandale's northern end lies on Rozelle Bay, which is on Sydney Harbour. Rocker Ben Q3. The Glebe is distintictive for its Victorian homes and large trees. A glass gravity bong. Better alternative to a plastic setup which creates toxic fumes. "-snip-Three definitions for "hot mess" from urban are included below. In return, the farmer made little homes for them, which can still be viewed today.