Use "guffaw" in a sentence. November 28, ... Conjunctives were not to be used at the start of sentence, splitting infinitives was a cardinal sin and ending a sentence with a preposition would have you go straight to hell and damnation, not to mention the headmaster’s office. 8 sentence examples: 1. 23. See more. Guffaw in a sentence. Sometimes the crowds were gloatingly pro-American as the nation's athletes collected an overachieving 83 gold medals. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "revenge" Bill Cosby told a very funny story about getting revenge against a kid that hit him in the face with a snowballThe President has said that they will seek revenge for the attack on the capital city. In fact, if you have company while you are going through this process, I will guarantee that they will soon be "guffawing… Examples of 'guffaw' in a sentence: 14.

There should be far more guffawing in the world.

"guffawing" in a sentence "guffawingly" in a sentence "guffaws" in a sentence "guffed" in a sentence; How can I put and write and define guffawed in a sentence and how is the word guffawed used in a sentence : 2. 1. Gloatingly , Miss Su said,'she ate with Mr. Fang and came back with an upset stomach.
13. February 4, 2007. andrew.simone commented on the word guffaw. 2. guffawing: Present participle of guffaw.

Guffaw; Ferfitchkin went off into a guffaw. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Loki hears Odin guffaw and Hoenir snort. Pretty hardcore eh? 3.

There are at least 12 synonyms for the verb to laugh, and each one evokes a specific image. Guffaw definition, a loud, unrestrained burst of laughter. A character could express amusement by cackling, chortling, chuckling, giggling, guffawing, snickering, sniggering, tittering, crowing, whooping, simpering, or smirking. February 8, 2007. chained_bear commented on the word guffaw.

It warms texting up into a graphic kind of spoken conversation.

It is a graphic titter, channeling the very particular drudgery the texter and the receiver both associate with studying.

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We guffawed when Billy dragged Chuck Fairbanks off the sideline in 1978. “I just studied for three hours lol” — no one would say that guffawing. This one may be a little involved, so strap yourself in and let’s take a journey. But, hearing my order, he burst into a guffaw. The gang were over the van, guffawing Copywriting – Guffawing in the face of Grammar? Well, then I am glad to hear it.
In fact we had a discreet guffaw regarding the matter when I met him on Saturday afternoon for High Tea. He threw back his head with a loud guffaw. He spoke gloatin