The only people who lose their humanity are those who believe they have the right to render another human being powerless.

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette 2018 TV-MA 1h 9m Stand-Up Comedy & Talk Shows Australian comic Hannah Gadsby reshapes standard stand-up by pairing punchlines with personal revelations on gender, sexuality and childhood turmoil. 5 quotes from Hannah Gadsby: 'To be rendered powerless does not destroy your humanity. ', 'Ironically, I believe Picasso was right. Hannah Gadsby (born 12 January 1978) is an Australian comedian, writer, actress and television presenter.She rose to prominence after winning the national final of the Raw Comedy competition for new comedians in 2006 and since toured internationally as well as on television and radio.. Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby talks about unpacking mental illness on-stage and expresses her concerns over the legacy of Pablo Picasso. Gadsby is right, however, about Marie-Thérèse being 17.) How Hannah Gadsby’s evisceration of Picasso helped her change stand-up comedy. I watched Hannah Gadsby’s one-hour Netflix special, ... Gadsby doesn’t, mind you, let Picasso off the hook. I also could not independently confirm the exact language of the Picasso quote. They are the weak. Hannah Gadsby’s extraordinary Nanette arrives in Edinburgh trailing plaudits from its Australian run.But it is, she announces, her swansong: “I’m quitting comedy.Done. To yield and not break, that is incredible strength. Your resilience is your humanity.