Year day. Computes characteristics for coplanar and non-coplanar Hohmann transfers. A Hohmann Transfer is initiated to a 'random' destination altitude.
The applet computes and displays the orbit of a spacecraft sent off from the Earth's orbit to travel to an inner or outer planet of the solar system. Earth and Mars align properly for a Hohmann transfer … The orbit is an elliptical one, where the periapsis is at Earth's distance from the Sun and the apoapsis is at Mars' distance from the Sun. A Hohmann Transfer is a very common orbital maneuver used by astrophysicists to send a spacecraft from a small circular orbit to a larger one. Eccentricity. 28 Downloads. Time of flight. km. × New Orbital Body. The transfer orbit has to be timed so that when the spacecraft departs Earth, it will arrive at its orbit apoapsis when Mars is at the same position in its orbit. 2. Body type. View License × License. Show advanced settings... Latest departure. David Eagle (view profile) 114 files; 726 downloads; 4.5. The transfer orbit is treated as a simple Keplerian ellipse around the Sun. The Hohmann Orbit Transfer. The two bodies involved are the Earth and a spacecraft. Transfer type. In a book published in 1925 (written in 1916), Hohmann demonstrated a very fuel-efficient path to move a spacecraft between two different orbits, now called a Hohmann transfer orbit. Launch Window Planner by Alex Moon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The craft V is sufficient to achieve a figure-of-eight orbit - i.e. Walter Hohmann (March 18, 1880 - March 11, 1945) was a German space flight engineer who made an important contribution to the understanding of orbital dynamics. In this Instructable I will walk you, step by step, through calculating the Hohmann Transfer for sending a spacecraft from Earth to Mars. version (371 KB) by David Eagle.

MAVEN was launched into a Hohmann Transfer Orbit with periapsis at Earth’s orbit and apoapsis at the distance of the orbit of Mars. 5.0. See Figure 1(a). 2 Ratings. Follow; Download. The spacecraft will travel more than 180 degrees around the Sun in its transfer orbit, which requires 10 months to set the stage for Mars Orbit Insertion in September 2014. This includes the delta V to move to a higher orbit, and then circularize the orbit once the craft gets there. A Hohmann transfer orbit can take a spacecraft from Earth to Mars. The Hohmann transfer is the most commonly used method to move a spaceship from a lower orbit to a higher one.