4.Hu Jintao’s son gets a promotion. 胡 錦濤(こ きんとう、フー・チンタオ、簡体字: 胡锦涛 、 拼音: Hú Jǐntāo 、1942年 12月21日 - )は、中国の政治家である。 江沢民引退後の中国の最高指導者で、第4代 中国共産党中央委員会総書記、第5代中国共産党中央軍事委員会主席、第6代国家主席、第3代国家中央軍事委員会主席を務めた。 United Press International (0) Age: 66 In power since: 2002 Last year’s rank: 5 Hu Jintao and the Chinese Communist Party won the right to host the 2008 Olympics by …

UPI Almanac for Friday, March 15, 2019 On March 15, 2003, Hu Jintao replaced Jiang Zemin as president of China. Hu Yaobang's support was partially responsible for Hu Jintao's rapid promotion during the 1980s. Former president Hu Jintao arrived at Hunan University at about 10am and visited several historic institutions on the campus, including the Yuelu Academy, founded in … By. That’s according to unconfirmed reports in the SCMP. February 15, 2019 March 18, 2018 The appointment of Yang Xiaodu as National Supervision Commission director shocked many observers. Whilst working as an engineer, Jintao led a dazzling political career at the head of the CCP.

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Published: 8:05am, 11 Mar, 2019.

The position gives the 46 year-old Hu vice-ministerial rank, and puts him in a good position to ascend to higher office. Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Wednesday's Show In this 2011 photo, Hu Jintao, then China's president, visits the Confucius Institute at the Walter Payton College Preparatory High School in Chicago. [29] Some observers noted that Hu Yaobang's rehabilitation made it more likely that the Party would be willing to re-evaluate the 1989 Tiananmen protests, but other observers expressed skepticism.

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President Hu Jintao makes his 2009 New Year's Speech for the friendly peoples of the world.

6. January 7, 2019 A little over three years ago, Ma Ying-jeou, then the president of Taiwan, and Chinese President Xi Jinping met at a summit of sorts in Singapore. Hu Jintao Five Key Takeaways About Yang Xiaodu as National Supervision Commission Chief. Hu Jintao China. In preparation for the historic event on Nov. 7, 2015, both sides hammered out in excruciating detail the anticipated ins and outs of the encounter to avoid political traps. Advertisement.

Updated: 11:29pm, 11 Mar, 2019. The only son of former president Hu Jintao is tipped to become the new Communist Party chief of … The only son of China's former president Hu Jintao has been offered a promotion to a post equivalent in rank to a Cabinet vice-minister, as part of a … Updated 6:37 PM ET, Mon December 30, 2019 .

CNN Editorial Research. Xi’an has a new Party secretary – Hu Haifeng, son of former Party general secretary Hu Jintao. Hu Jintao Fast Facts. He studied hydraulic engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 1964. Hu Jintao was born on 21 December 1942, in Jiangyan, a town located in the Chinese Province of Jiangsu.