I checked the website for how to opt out of Minecraft beta and it said to go through the Xbox insider app.

I have never attempted to participate in any betas for any Xbox game, including Minecraft. Head over here for a breakdown of how to access betas on Android.

Information about joining or leaving the beta can be found here (the article includes some troubleshooting tips also): How to Join (and leave) the Minecraft Beta. Select Join.

So I downloaded Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta, and I'm stuck on it!
Have fun and find bugs!


6. minecraft doesn't give me the option to update and i can't get out of beta does anybody know how to fix it?

Navigate to Insider content > Minecraft Beta.

Some people have had success with the procedure described in this comment, contributed by Community Manager Helen Zbihlyj.. I'm stuck in minecraft beta 1.16.59 2e9d800b-9d70-4eb8-8834-b60d63815122

It says I'm in the 1.11 beta. Please report all your bugs at bugs.mojang.com & please let us know what you think about the beta by pressing the feedback button in the game or visiting feedback.minecraft.net. I can’t get out of Minecraft beta even when I selected the normal version on the Xbox inside hub, what should I do?

The problem is that my friend does NOT have this Minecraft beta on his system and therefore we can't play together.

I’m stuck in a beta that I never signed up for, this is only a problem because I can’t use a realm that I’m paying for. I do not know how to leave the beta; what I do know is the only way to leave it is through the Xbox Insider Hub App.

I deleted the app, left the beta on the insider hub, and reinstalled it.