2005. Prodexpo 2012. 2011. Video courtesy of Reuters. News about the earthquake from the BBC – Video transcript. Cheese makers are not just facing ruined Parmesan, but potentially financial ruin. Parmigiano Reggiano Night: Italy united at the first web.2 dinner. 2009. Find the top news online at ABC news. Stock in warehouses was damaged by the earthquake … The Consortium at Alimentaria 2012 . Parmigiano Reggiano: 300.000 wheels impacted by earthquake In addition to dairies with damaged … ... - via The Guardian - The magnitude 6 earthquake that hit northern Italy at the weekend, killing seven people and toppling historic churches, castles and clock towers, has also taken a huge toll on the country's culinary culture. 29 May 2012; Italy's cheese makers facing losses of £200 million following earthquake. 2004. 2008. The Consortium at Foodex Japan 2012 . Photo galleries.

An earthquake that struck northern Italy has affected production of the area's most internationally famous delicacy - Parmesan cheese. One of these rounds sells for $800. Cibus 2012: media, web and taste!!

But it was still surprising that the area north of Bologna was hit so hard. 2007.

(Photo: Getty Images) A week after a powerful earthquake hit northern Italy, Parmesan farmers are feeling the economic repercussions. 22 May 2012; Dozens of aftershocks rattle Italy following earthquake. Get breaking national and world news, broadcast video coverage, and exclusive interviews. Another earthquake hits Italy. LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Could the Italy earthquake in Bologna prompt a run on Parmesan cheese prices? Parmesan cheese production makes a €2bn contribution to the economy of northern Italy. May 24, 2012 Italy cheese, earthquake, parmesan Ann. Italy was recently reminded that the entire spine of the country is one long fault line, subject to major earthquakes at any time. Parmesan Cheese Lands at Oxford.

While the Italy earthquake resulted in more than a half dozen deaths, dozens of people injured, and destruction of key historic landmarks, Parmigiano and Grana cheese manufacturers are warning news of their own damage; their huge rounds of cheese fell down during the earthquake … 2006. 21 May 2012 When a magnitude six earthquake struck northern Italy, 10% of the world’s supply of Parmigiano came crashing the ground.

Centuries of historic architecture lost. The last major quake in the area occurred in the 14th century.