Intersections in real time: the decision to build the KH-11 KENNEN reconnaissance satellite (part 1) by Dwayne A. Le programme est remporté par la société Boeing. White also recounts how impressed Young was with the equipment and facilities he saw when he was first brought onto the project.

The first indication of what KH-11 optics… Clearly a lot of money was being spent on satellite intelligence systems. The astronauts onboard Columbia also apparently glimpsed the satellite in the distance. Highly accurate model of a top secret KH-11 digital imaging recon satellite in space illustrates the “Stubby Hubble” KH-11 characteristic with a shorter telescope tube and shorter focal length as well as a much smaller aft instrument bay than the full scale Hubble shown below. Many news sources referred to the satellite as a “KH-11,” but that designation ceased many years ago.

Also, the KH-11 suffered a problem that threatened its ability to take its picture. Day Monday, September 9, 2019.

Nine KH-11 satellites were launched between 1976 and 1990 aboard Titan-3D and −34D rockets, with one launch failure.For the following five satellite launches between 1992 and 2005, a Titan IV launch vehicle was used.

En 1999 les États-Unis lancent le programme Future Imagery Architecture (FIA) dont l'objectif est de développer de nouveaux satellites de reconnaissance optique et radar américain qui doivent remplacer à la fois les KH-11 et les Lacros. An image of a Communist Chinese jet bomber taken by an NRO KH-11 spacecraft flying at more than 200 miles altitude illustrates the reconnaissance capability of the 35,000 lb. It is the descendant of a type of real-time reconnaissance satellites first launched in 1976 after many years of debate and development.

The KH-11/CRYSTAL program had progressed to the point where it would soon become America’s sole satellite imagery system.

spacecraft. All KH-11 Keyhole satellites on orbit, orbital constellation status of September 2013. The two most recent launches in 2011 and 2013 were carried out by Delta IV Heavy rockets.