Several lakes in the area drain into it directly or via groundwater, along with geothermal springs on the southern and northern shores.

A water taxi is available to ferry passengers from the end of the track at Hot Water Beach to Tarawera Landing, approximately 5 km from Te Wairoa carpark - make your own arrangements between the landing and the carpark.

The planning maps for the Lakes A Zone contain left- and right-hand series. Plants in the Lake Tarawera Scenic Reserve have regenerated since the 1886 Mount Tarawera eruption which dramatically changed the landscape around the volcano. Lake Tarawera is a deep lake; any water flowing in … The Lake Tarawera Water Taxi is the only dedicated water taxi service that picks walkers up from Hot Water Beach. This place is situated in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, its geographical coordinates are 39° 2' 0" South, 176° 35' 0" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Tarawera.

Lake Tarawera is a picturesque lake, famous for the size and condition of its rainbow trout. Tarawera Falls is a 65 m high waterfall on the Tarawera River in the Bay of Plenty region in New Zealand 's North Island. Lake Tarawera Outlet (Te Tapahoro) Campsite is temporarily closed to allow an investigation into some serious issues. Last reviewed on 4 February 2020.

Lakes A Zone Maps.

Lake Tarawera is central to the Lakes A Zone.Several maps have both left- and right-hand versions The right-hand version shows the operative zoning information; The area referred to is the Lakes A Zone. The trail starts at Te Wairoa car park on Tarawera Road, an easy and scenic 15 minute drive from Rotorua past Blue lake (Tikitapu).

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Follow the links to the relevant Lakes A Zone map. First published on 9 January 2020. We offer a FREE shuttle service between the Landing departure point the car park before or after your Tarawera Trail walk.

Tarawera Falls is situated 7 km northeast of Lake Tarawera…