To add to Tom Lahti's answer a bit, Lee Hazelwood had no problem cashing royalties checks for decades until Killing Is My Business was remastered in 2004, when he deemed the lyrics "vile and offensive" or something. During these sessions, Megadeth recorded a cover version of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid", ... And Business is Good! These boots are made for walking That's just what they'll do And one of these days these boots Are gonna walk all over you [solo: Poland] You keep lying and there ain't no believing And you keep same'n when you ought-a-be-a leaving Now what's right is right but you ain't been right yet These boots… You keep saying you got something for me Something you call love, but I call sex You've been kissing when you ought-to … Track info & audio for the song 'These Boots' which features on the Megadeth album 'Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!'
It charted on January 22, 1966, and reached No. containing remastered versions of all songs and a re-cut version of "These Boots" being lyrically adjusted to Hazlewood's version, bonus discs also included rare live performances of songs off the album during Alice Cooper's Live in the Flesh Tour. Subsequently, many cover versions of the song have been released in a range of styles: metal, pop, rock, punk rock, country, dance, and industrial. Lyrics to 'These Boots' by Megadeth.
1 in the United States Billboard Hot 100 and in the UK Singles Chart.

"These Boots Are Made for Walkin' " is a hit song written by Lee Hazlewood and recorded by Nancy Sinatra.