On October 16 th, Microsoft released its 2018 proxy statement to the SEC. Total compensation in 2019: $42.9 million. Microsoft Finance Code of Professional Conduct. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella earned nearly $26 million in overall compensation this past year. Disney’s CEO, Robert A. Iger, ranks 3rd on the list of the highest paid CEOs in America with annual compensation of $65,645,214. Satya Nadella, chief executive officer and director, Microsoft. Included in the document are the leadership compensation metrics that can provide insight into some of the behavior displayed by Microsoft sales executives tasked with expanding their enterprise customer’s portfolio of cloud-based products as part of renewal discussions. Executive compensation is a significant thing to consider when evaluating an investment opportunity. As of now, Satya Nadella is leading the company as CEO since February 2014. While cash bonuses stay relatively stable as a percentage of salary over the course of a Microsoft employee’s career, stock compensation can rise to nearly 20% of annual income at higher levels, according to the crowdsourced data.

Regulatory and Public Policy Committee Charter. Audit Committee Charter and Responsibilities Calendar. David F. Marquardt 3 General Partner, August Capital. Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer, Seagate Technology PLC. The company was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Here's how Microsoft calculates his and other top executives' pay. Of this total $2,333,333 was received as a salary, $10,796,868 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in stock options, $29,668,651 was awarded as stock and $111,363 came from other types of compensation. Microsoft’s compensation philosophy centers on the individual executive and is designed to motivate him to reduce overall risk. Salary: $2,333,333.

The Summary Compensation Table provides, in a single location, a comprehensive overview of a company's executive pay practices. John W. Thompson 2,4 Chief Executive Officer, Virtual Instruments The CEO received $42.9 million in total compensation, mostly in stock awards, in the 2019 fiscal year that ended on June 30, according to Microsoft’s annual …

Microsoft Standards of Business Conduct. At Level 66, Microsoft employees reported that nearly 40% of compensation was in the form of cash and stock bonuses. As Chief Executive Officer and Director at MICROSOFT CORP, Satya Nadella made $42,910,215 in total compensation. Stock Awards: $29,668,651. As Chief Executive Officer and Director at MICROSOFT CORP, Satya Nadella made $42,910,215 in total compensation. Total Equity aggregates grant date fair value of stock and option awards and long term incentives granted during the fiscal year. Governance and Nominating Committee Charter. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella steered the tech giant to one of its best years ever, and he has been handsomely rewarded.

Charles H. Noski 1,3 Former Vice Chairman, Bank of America Corporation. Non-equity Incentive Plan Compensation: $10,796,868. The executive, who took over the top role at Microsoft in 2014, received a $250,000 bump in his base salary, bringing it to $1.45 million this year.