Here's how you say it. Tamil Translation.

மனநிலையை Maṉanilaiyai. Learn more. Startup Life This 1 Change in Mindset Is What Separates Successful People From Everyone Else And it will change your life for the better Marathi words for mindset include मनात थारा देणे and मनस्ताप. Find more Marathi words at! mindset definition: 1. a person's way of thinking and their opinions: 2. a person's way of thinking and their…. More Tamil words for mindset.
How to say mindset in Tamil What's the Tamil word for mindset? மனம் கலங்கிய நிலை : Maṉam kalaṅkiya nilai mindset, perturbation: மனதால் உணர்கிற: Maṉatāl uṇarkiṟa mindset, perceivable: மனப் பாங்கு: