Now available in beta for Windows 10. Join the beta to enjoy creator-built worlds with realistic lighting, vibrant colors, naturally reflective water and emissive textures that light up. Minecraft with RTX is breathtaking but painfully exclusive By Jacob Ridley 16 April 2020 There's no finer example of ray tracing today, but that comes at the cost of Minecraft's greatest asset.

Is there any way to get it without an RTX card?

Yep, Minecraft RTX is going to be a thing, with ray tracing coming to the PC version of the game in a future update. But it becomes wonderful in Minecraft RTX. Millions of Minecraft gamers across the globe will get to experience their self-created worlds more vividly than ever before when Minecraft with RTX moves to open beta on Windows 10 this week and introduces realistic shadows, lighting and vibrant colors to the best-selling videogame of all time. Minecraft with RTX will launch in public beta on the Xbox Insider Program (yes, that is on PC) this coming Thursday, April 16 2020. I checked and the option wasnt there.

Also, get our newest Game Ready Driver, see the latest ray-traced trailer and RTX ON-OFF comparisons, and … Mojang will soon release a free update for the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, which adds real-time ray tracing support using Microsoft DXR. Without ray tracing turned on, it's impossible to complete the puzzle since the correct block emits light. Ray tracing in action. The RTX beta for Windows 10 brings a brand new experience to Minecraft! Minecraft RTX was first revealed way back at Gamescom 2019, where Nvidia was showing off to the world just how advanced ray tracing has become. Technical details versus marketing material. Minecraft With RTX Beta, Using HD Textures And Ray Tracing. I just want to see the glorious ray tracing. See Real-Time Ray Tracing In Action In Minecraft with RTX on Windows 10—as in real life—global illumination brightens blocks, emissive pixels illuminate the world, water reflects the environment, shadows are cast accurately, and rich physical materials add realism to your world. With Minecraft and RTX, materials bring new elements. Thanks to our partnership with NVIDIA, the Minecraft with RTX beta for Windows 10 brings a form of ray tracing known as path tracing to the game. If you want to catch some rays without the chance of the sun taking petty revenge on you for simply being outside, you’re really going to love what Minecraft with RTX beta for Windows 10 has in store. I really want to try the windows 10 RTX beta, but I don't have an RTX card, I don't care if I get like 10fps.