11-13 - Injured/dead animal

Code 7 Mealtime.

And while some departments are beginning to favor plain English over 10 codes, it's still an important language to learn. Summary. It can receive messages one at a time, and send out multiple signals at the same time. Introduction A police scanner is a radio receiver able to tune or scan frequencies. Discharges or transfers to court/law enforcement; includes transfers to incarceration facilities such as jail, prison or other detention facilities. 11-10 - Take a report. 5 External links. 11-6 - Illegal discharge of firearms. CAD EVENT CODES CODE EVENT DESCRIPTION CALL TYPE DEFINITION FOLLOW FOLLOW UP Follow up to a previous investigation / complaint. Disposition Codes: Disposition Codes are added after an Officer goes 10-8 (in service). FOUND FOUND PROPERTY Report of found property. The emergency services in various countries use systems of response codes to categorize their responses to reported events. 10-8: In Service, available to take a new call. GAME GAME LAW COMPLAINT Complaint of a game law violation where no other specific violations have occurred. Code 9 Set up a roadblock. Code 4 No further assistance is needed. However police required to use more defined codes called "Self Defined Ethnicity codes… 1-Delta-1), the generic text descriptors for each code, and any applicable suffixes (special situations). Code 10 Bomb threat Code 12 Notify news media Code 20 Officer needs assistance Police 10 codes are a common form of communication for LEOs.

GAS NG / LPG LEAK / ALARM OUTDOOR * Any report of an odor, release, or leak of Natual … Other Codes Code 1 Do so at your convenience. It includes the alphanumeric codes such as 1-D-1 (i.e. Signal 8-0 (Eight-Zero): Break / Lunch.

One of the best known is the Code 3 Response, which is used in several countries, particularly the United States, to describe a mode of response for an emergency vehicle responding to a call. The Omaha Police Department uses service 10 codes to describe an officers current status.

Code 5 Stakeout. To reduce the negative effects of radio static, short codes are used. Police Radio 10-Codes Ten-codes, also known as 10-codes or ten signals, are code words used by many police officers to aid with voice communication. In Uk British Police uses codes called "IC Codes" to describe a suspect's enthnicity. Code 2 Urgent. Code 8 Request cover/backup. As in UK security industry work closely with police there these private organisations made IC Codes part of there course/training. Code 3 Emergency/lights and siren. Many departments use a variety of different radio calls. Priority on the air.