Red circles are earthquakes that occurred after 1972 from the USGS Preliminary Determination of Epicenters catalog. These are not like the faults in California, which last had a major earthquake in 1994, when the magnitude 6.7 Northridge temblor killed 57 people and caused $20 billion in damages..

New Madrid earthquake map: Topographic map showing earthquakes greater than magnitude 2.5 (circles) of the central United States. Search Earthquake Catalog View historic seismicity, find past earthquakes that meet your criteria. Lying in the central area of the North American Plate, the seismic zone is about 45 miles (70 km) wide and about Various output formats, and links to earthquake details. Americans are all too familiar with the earthquake risks faced by California, and an inspection of the USGS seismic hazard map for the Lower 48 shows the West Coast is indeed home to most of the pink and red coding that designates the areas most prone to quakes. To access USGS earthquake information without using javascript, use our Magnitude 2.5+ Earthquakes, Past Day ATOM Feed or o

The New Madrid Fault is one of the most dangerous earthquake zone in the U.S. and is best known for its massive jolts in 1811-1812. The mid-continent faults rupture less often; New Madrid gets the shakes maybe 200 … Javascript must be enabled to view our earthquake maps. 3 earthquakes rattle the New Madrid Seismic Zone while 2 rare quakes hit Maine on February 23, 2020. That’s the New Madrid Seismic Zone. New Madrid, city, seat (1821) of New Madrid county, southeastern Missouri, U.S., on the Mississippi River, 35 miles (56 km) southwest of Cairo, Ill.It originated as a French Canadian trading post about 1783. The event is described as "severe" at New Bourbon, Missouri, and was described by boatman John Bradbury, who was moored to a small island south of New Madrid, as "terrible, but not equal to the first". Real-time Notifications, Feeds, and Web Services Get real-time earthquake notifications sent to you … A few hours later, 3 other quakes hit within the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

A large event felt on the East Coast that is sometimes regarded as the fourth principal earthquake of the 1811-1812 sequence.

But a spot in the heart of the United States burns just as bright. New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ), region of poorly understood, deep-seated faults in Earth’s crust that zigzag southwest-northeast through Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky, U.S.