A hut for the storage of Hydrogen on Raoul Island. First, Chris and I spent a night at Boat Cove hut, where we were treated to our second earthquake, a magnitude 6.2, which shook the hut for at least a minute. First of all its the cheapest place you can find but at the same time the most authentic, natural place with the most beautiful beach of the island. Being a Department of Conservation (DOC) volunteer… Raoul Island is the biggest of the group, which begins at the southernmost L’Esperance. The island’s vegetation reflects its transitional position between New Zealand’s temperate forests, with their tall podocarps and beeches, and the riotous tangle of palms, shrubs and large-leafed trees which clothe tropical islands. Here you can read and see what this entails. Denham caldera, formed during a major dacitic explosive eruption about 2200 years ago, truncated the western side of the island and is 6.5 km × … The older caldera, which cuts the center of Raoul Island, is about 3.5 km × 2.5 km (2.2 mi × 1.6 mi) long and wide respectively. Island Hut is entire family run- a local thai family, who are also running the restaurant together. It was a good opportunity to visit the only hut on the island we hadn’t yet visited – Mahoe hut, high on a spur on the southern end of the island. The Kermadec Islands are the visible surface of a chain of about 80 volcanoes, stretching for 2,600 km between Tonga and New Zealand.

Raoul is a no-take reserve, both above and under water. Pohutukawa and nikau palm are dominant components of Raoul Island vegetation.

A visit to these islands would not be complete without a visit to Raoul. An unpretentious, tiny stainless steel shed on a remote island more than 1000km from Auckland has won a place on a prestigious architectural award shortlist. The food is delicious and again the cheapest on the island. Island hut is a very unique and special place. Nov 25, 2013 - By Sarah Matthew, volunteer and artist based in Wellington The memories I have of Raoul Island are going to keep me smiling for a long, long time. The Department of Conservation is tasked with maintaining the historical and natural heritage of the island, which at times brings conflicts. Designed and fabricated in New Zealand, flat packed and shipped to a remote volcanic island in the Kermadecs, this humble yet robust hut was swiftly erected by the architect and two co-conspirators.