Making your own homemade spacecraft sounds pretty neat, right? We have been making expertly crafted models and prototypes for 50 years. The models (all in 1/48th scale) included NFIRE, Swift, Landsat 8, Iridium NEXT, ICESat-2, etc. Some have been made available on NASA project sites as part of their K-12 outreach. The idea behind making the model of the 1/32 CSM was to match it with my 1/32 LM which I built a couple of years ago (see the description here). SpaceX and Proach Models are making it happen. This tutorial describes how to import a custom ship model into SpaceEngine. Learn more about making homemade spacecraft in this article. This requires obtaining scale drawings of the originals and reproducing the parts. Immerse yourself in the world of ModelSpace scale models, each one of our high quality models is painstakingly developed and authentically recreated for a first-class modeling experience and includes step-by-step instructions and photo build guides in carefully designed build phases. Mastermodels is a family owned business with a team of 20 model makers, toolmakers, pattern makers, 3D designers and artists. Before continuing, it is recommended to read this manual: Introduction. All the examples in this tutorial do not uses the pak files, but it is advisable to ensure that your final (release) version of the addon has been packed to a pak file. Here we also include 3-D models built with computer design software. The company has it’s roots back in the 1960’s when we established our reputation making models for the now classic Stingray, Thunderbirds and Joe 90 television series.

Spend some time assembling one, and you'll be sure to know the spacecraft very well indeed! Space modeling involves scaled reproductions of rockets, spacecraft, astronauts, etc. I then built a pole fixed inside the LM stand and the Apollo service module. The model is now complete depicting the Apollo 11 landing with Neil setting foot on the Moon, Buzz still inside the lunar module and Mike alone inside the command module. Build Your Own Scale Models of JPL Spacecraft An excellent way to learn more about a JPL space exploring machine, and its mission, is to build a scale model. You may not be able to ride the Dragon space capsules built by SpaceX, but you can own one now … in model form. The Destination for Scale Modeling Enthusiasts since 1901! Replicas, i.e. Paper Spacecraft Models : I have been designing paper spacecraft models for many years, mostly for use at my job at (what was) Orbital ATK, now part of Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems. A space modeler builds from kits, such as the well known plastic kits from Revell, or, if really serious, develops the models from scratch.