The Punjab partition of immovable property act of 2012 governs the suit of possession through partition. I pleaded joint possession over the plaint schedule properties.

Partition under Hindu Law. All this happened with agreement of parties when the court passed the decree on 13th July, 1978. 1. Share on Facebook. Decree in suit for partition of property or separate possession of a share therein.-- Where the Court passes a decree for the partition of property or for the separate possession …

This Punjab partition of immovable property act of 2012 is applicable only in the Province of Punjab though this is a special law but all the provisions of code of civil procedure 1908 also applicable on it. Partition suit - court fee; Sir, I being Muslim filed a suit for partition of my ancestral properties and paid fixed court fee.

If there is a dispute, the parties file a suit for partition in a civil court. Partition suits.- (1) In a suit for partition and separate possession of a share of . Plaintiffs were in the knowledge of the fact at the time of filing suit that sale of the suit property had already taken place in favour of defendant no. Subsequently, I found two other houses and a vacant site were also belonged to my ancestors. In partition suit all persons entitled to shares shall join as parties. Partition suit: In case the co-owners are not agreeable to a partition of the property and only one or more of the co-owners want the partition, the mode of partition is a bit different. Suit for possession: The proceedings were initiated at the instance of the respondent and were pending for long-time until the revision was dismissed by the High Court giving liberty to the appellant to file the suit for possession. 3. By. In a suit for partition and separate possession or joint family property or property owned,jointly or in common, by a plaintiff who is in joint possession of such property, fee shall be paid at the following rates : When the plaint is presented to-(i) a District Munsifs Court- Rupees fifty. Suit for declaration and possession; What is the court fee for filing a suit for declaration and possession in high court ? In such a case, a partition suit is required to be filed before the appropriate court of law. Other party filed written statement denying for partition. That’s why partition suit draft is provided here. Partition is a division of property among those who are entitled to the same.
2. In case of property held jointly, if all the co-sharers decide mutually among themselves to divide the property and agree for specific share, there is partition by mutual consent. Roughly, how long will it take for the final judgement ?
monika - April 12, 2019. On hearing learned counsels and scrutinising the documents on record, the trial court, by its judgment and decree dated 11th January 2016, while answering all the issues in the affirmative, partly decreed the suit, holding that the plaintiffs are entitled for partition and separate possession of 9/216th share each in schedule 'A' and 'B' properties; the defendant Nos. Asked 6 years ago in Property Law from Pathanamthitta, Kerala. No valuation of the suit was given for the relief of possession though in the prayer clause despite seeking partition, possession of respective determined share was also claimed. Introduction.