If you’re thinking of visiting Taiwan, you may need to get a Taiwan visa beforehand. E-visa has a maxiumum stay of 30 days. Special Interests.

Taiwan, which is officially known as the Republic Of China, is a country in East Asia.

For more information please contact the nearest Taiwan embassy. If you’ve entered Taiwan on or before 21 March 2020 on a visitor visa, visa waiver or landing visa, you’ll be eligible for a second automatic 30-day extension. This information is available at website. Wallpapers.

Visa on Arrival has a maxiumum stay of 30 days. With its unique fusion of cultures, breathtaking scenery, diverse cuisine, exciting city life and well-developed hospitality industry, Taiwan is an ideal destination for many types of travelers.

Citizens of 62 countries and territories are eligible for visa-exempt entry for a period of 30 or 90 days.

Muslim-friendly Environment. If you plan to stay longer than 90 days or you plan to work, you need a Taiwan visa prior to traveling. Visit the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO)’s website for the most current visa information.

It is an island with an area of 35,808 square kilometers (13,826 square miles) and a population upwards … i-Taiwan WiFi. Taiwan lifted its ban on entry, stay, and residence of foreigners living with HIV on February 4, 2015.

Get all the information and services provided exclusively for residents in one click. Travel Suggestions.

Taiwan on 2 Wheels.

Taiwan offers 4 types of visas for tourism purpose. If you're staying in Taiwan, follow the advice of local authorities and … E-Card The place where you’ll have to go to apply for your visa to Taiwan will be called “Taiwan Trade Office” or “Taiwan Tourism and Cultural Office” or something like that. Visa Info. Contact Taiwan’s Bureau of Consular Affairs for details. Cruise Travel.

This section include a few subjects, “Arrival and Departure,” “Foreign Currency,” “Useful Info,” “Postal Service,” “Emergency Assistance,” “Visa Offices in Taiwan,” “Overseas Tourism Bureaus Offices,” and “A Glossary for Chinese and Taiwanese Terms.”


Accessible Travel. Taiwan visa for citizens of United States of America is required. Taiwan Visa Requirements Make sure to carefully check if you are eligible for the free 30 day or 90 day visa exempt permit to visit Taiwan. HIV/AIDS restrictions. No worries, we did it for your convenience.

Citizens of 94 countries can visit Taiwan visa free and 2 country citizens can get visa on arrival. Passport holders of 132 countries need to obtain a visa before visiting. Horizontal Widget. Film. Overseas Tourism Offices. Free Half-Day Tour. People of 9 countries can get visa online.