Excursions outside the centre have included a visit to a local marae. The Te Aranga Māori Design Principles are a set of outcome-based principles founded on intrinsic Māori cultural values and designed to provide practical guidance for enhancing outcomes for the design environment. The centre curriculum embraces Te Ao Māori through teachers’ interaction with children and their whānau, and centre activities and events.

Through our Te Ao Māori (Māori world) strategy, we are building relationships with tangata whenua to influence the long-term economic well-being of Aotearoa. Being aware of individuals different beliefs and respecting those. It is … Bicultural principles and practices provide the foundation for promoting equitable educational success for tamariki Māori – with kaiako responding to the values, knowledge, and strengths tamariki Māori bring to … In te ao Māori, the concept of ako means both to teach and to learn.

Sharing karakia.

Te reo Māori is used as part of all interactions with children.
They are a set of outcome-based principles founded on Māori cultural values and formulated to provide practical guidance for enhancing outcomes for the design environment.
Learning around Nga Atua Māori and the roles they play in te Ao Māori. How the knowledge can be used practically to connect us to our tupuna, Whenua, etc. It is me it is my uniqueness. The Te Aranga Design Principles (TADP), which have evolved from this strategy, address the processes of economic, social, environmental and spatial development changes.

Māori culture and identity highlights Aotearoa New Zealand's point of difference in the world and offers up significant design opportunities that can benefit us all.

Iwi and Māori are expressing ourselves and our values in all spheres of development – personal, whānau, organisational, community, national, and international. Kaitiakitanga, manaakitanga and other Māori concepts are becoming part of everyday Aotearoa

Mauri . The Waitangi Tribunal has released its findings of the Whakatōhea Mandate Inquiry Report where they discovered a breach of principles of the Treaty of... Crown breaches Treaty principles | Te Ao Māori … It recognises the knowledge that both teachers and learners bring to learning interactions, and it acknowledges the way that new knowledge and understandings can grow out of shared learning experiences. The strategy is intended as an evolving and transformative journey that will bring together the many threads that already exist within our approach and extend them in new directions.