Make Mods. We're now three quarters of the way through our Stay Home. Dig, Fight, and Build your way through the world of player-created mods on Terraria with tModLoader - this DLC makes modding Terraria a reality! Uploaded: 27 Jan 2018 . N. Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread. Operating systems . The rules regarding that MAY be reviewed and changed later, but for now they remain off-limits to modders. Top 30 Files in past two weeks: Filter by category: Forward 30 » View mod page; View image gallery; Terraria Overhaul - Gameplay enhancements and much more. Uploader: Mirsario. Miscellaneous.

7KB ; 17-- Cool Merchant - Less Grinding. 9+ million. Uploaded: 17 Oct 2018 . Platforms. Developer News & Announcements. Last Update: 17 Oct 2018. Mods. New posts News, Announcements, & Resources. event and I'm happy to see so many mod authors have been sharing their content. Console/mobile exclusives, including the art assets, may NOT be used in mods linked or advertised on this forum at this time. Make Mods." This is a huge mod, which, instead of adding new content to the game, focuses on adding new gameplay mechanics and completely … Toggle navigation. Overall we saw 1301 mods shared in total, which is the highest since we started this event.

Downloads. Follow us on Twitter. Cool Merchant is a mod for Terraria that aims to lessen the grinding by adding a chance for the Travelling Merchant to sell some of the ingredients for crafting the Cell Phone and the Ankh Shield. tag to your mods for you chance to win … Keep adding the "Stay Home. Last Update: 31 Dec 2019. Threads 260 Messages 105.6K . In Week 3 (20th - 26th April) we had 259 entries from 230 authors across 48 games. Support us on Patreon. Author: Mirsario. 3000+ Download now . TCF; DISCORD; Github; Wiki; Releases; Documentation; A mod to make and play Terraria mods. Author: noxteryn. Terraria Community Forums. He also sells the Sandstorm in a Bottle. 3 minutes ago; NumericPrime; … A mod is generally built to customize a particular version of Terraria, and can cause issues … Miscellaneous. Sub-forums: PC - Re-Logic; Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio; Mobile - 505 Games/DR Studios; Threads 260 Messages 105.6K.