The first private space burial, Celestis' Earthview 01: The Founders Flight, was launched on April 21, 1997. Our launch operations and SpaceLoft sub-orbital launch vehicle were designed and built from the ground up as a highly reliable low cost … UP Aerospace SpaceLoft-2 Launch - Duration: 43 seconds. Celestis knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. An aircraft departing from the Canary Islands carried a Pegasus rocket containing samples of the remains of 24 people to an altitude of 11 km (6.8 mi) above the Atlantic Ocean. 1,141 views; 8 years ago; 0:18. Experiences For more than twenty years Celestis has assisted people from all over the world celebrate, honor, and remember lives dedicated to exploration, adventure, passion, and … UP Aerospace SL-8 launch on November 12 reached 385,000 feet, on board were experiments sponsored by NASA's Flight Opportunities Program. Celestis, Inc. ("Celestis") is a subsidiary of Space Services Holdings, Inc., the commercial space pioneer whose memorial spaceflights have served hundreds from around the world. SpaceLoft XL 8 was the second fully manifested launch for the Flight Opportunities Program. UP Aerospace has been successfully conducting sub-orbital space launches from Spaceport America in New Mexico since 2006.

And also your choice of music is very fitting, after playing this i looked up Ruth White, who as you know, does a lot of the music in the game, and i fell in love with her work after hearing it in this. The issue is not lack of respect for the tenets of a faith, but rather lack of resources to honor its every requirement. SpaceLoft Qualification Static Test #4 - Duration: 18 seconds. 1,221 views; 8 years ago; 5:55. UP Aerospace was created in 1998 by founder Jerry Larson and incorporated in 2004 with headquarters located in Denver, Colorado. Ultimately, space burial will test the limits of ceremonial flexibility across belief systems.