Headlights must be in use from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. The controller figures out when sunrise and sunset happen already.
High beams must be dimmed when approaching traffic is within 500 feet. This means the light would come on at, say 5 am and turn off at 7 am (sunrise) based on sunset at 7 pm. Prohibited between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise.

Australia A star we can see just before sunrise A star visible only in the morning A planet seen right after sunset Arkansas. Without lights they can be very difficult to see in the water. It is illegal to operate a PWC between sunset and sunrise or during periods of restricted visibility. Your headlights are required to be on __ minutes after sunset and __ minutes before sunrise or whenever your visibility is reduced below 1000ft.

Yes . CORONAVIRUS TRAVEL UPDATE – All our international flights are cancelled, check our news page for the latest information High Beams.

I just need to be able to tell it to turn on 14 hours before sunset and turn off at sunrise. Other boats may be operating without required navigation lights, in violation of federal law requiring navigation lights from sunset to sunrise and during periods of restricted visibility.


Technically, sunrise and sunset are instants rather than periods of time. Question: You must use your vehicle's headlights any time from _____ before sunset or sunrise as well as at any other time in which your visibility is less than _____. Yes . Operators must view a PWC instructional video (approved by AGFC) and the livery shall provide the operator written boating regulations.

Yes . Note that civil twilight can last much longer than the half-hour, but the law still requires you to turn on headlights 30 minutes after sunset and keep them on until 30 minutes before sunrise. Remember Before Sunrise and After Sunset.
30 minutes, 1000 feet C. 1 hour, 500 feet D. 30 minutes, 500 feet 30 When trying to recover from a ____, do not brake and keep your eyes in the direction you want to go and you will automatically steer there.

But they do seem faster or slower depending on the angle and the rate at which the Sun appears to move in the sky. At night, depth perception and color recognition are impaired.

Remember, headlights must be on 30 minutes BEFORE sunrise and 30 minutes AFTER sunset. Headlights must be on if the windshield wipers are in use. 1 hour, 1000 feet B. Headlights must be used when you cannot see at least 1000 feet in front of you.