There are plenty of chemists in New Zealand, of course, but it’s important to be prepared just in case you’re struck down with a tummy bug and stuck in your room. What NOT to Pack for New Zealand. Answer 1 of 6: Hello We will be covering north and South Island from 15nov to 1st dec. Keep in mind that I visited New Zealand in the summer. New Zealand has varying climates and distinct seasons that make it essential you pack a variety of clothes for your trip. There are a few things that people might think they need in New Zealand that you definitely do not. It can get cold during the winter in New Zealand, and depending on where you go, it can rain a lot. If you’re visiting during the winter, you will need to pack a jacket and warm clothes. Share; Tweet; Pin; If you are a nature lover, New Zealand is THE country to visit. Tampons. Even in the winter, the sun in New Zealand can do some damage. Additionally, the New Zealand ski season generally ends in late October, meaning you will be able to enjoy skiing the snowfields on both the North and South Islands for at least most of the month. Although the days get continually warmer and sunnier throughout the month, October can be quite rainy and subject to spring storms, especially on the North Island. Home » Oceania » New Zealand » What to Pack for Your New Zealand Trip (All Seasons List) What to Pack for Your New Zealand Trip (All Seasons List) 658 shares. Sunglasses. You will encounter snow in the winter or even spring and autumn months, so come prepared for colder temperatures. Because when the sun shines in New Zealand, it really can be quite dazzling!

What to wear in New Zealand. The ozone layer is thinner over this part of the world, so those UV rays are even more dangerous. Tissues Pocket packs of tissues tucked into a bag will come in helpful in a few different situations i.e. I checked temperature online and it shows between 12 -20 degree with occasional showers. If hiking, remember the importance of spikes for your shoes and specialized equipment depending on conditions. a runny nose on the ski fields and dirty hands taking off/putting on snow chains.

Whether you are going snow skiing in July, hiking the Milford Track, or planning to camper van around the islands for a month, everything you need can be rented or found second hand very inexpensively. Adventure Gear.