Whitney separates the eastern Sierra Nevada from the Great Basin range. Subscribe to the Archives; About This Item.

Stay safe and healthy. Origin and Evolution of the White Wolf Fault and the Maricopa Basin by Jason Saleeby and Zorka Saleeby, Caltech Tectonics Observatory ABSTRACT The White Wolf fault is widely recognized as an important seismically active sinistral reverse fault that separates the Tehachapi-San Emigdio emergent block to the south from the Maricopa basin to the north.

The White Wolf Fault is a fault in southern California, located along the northwestern transition of the Tejon Hills and Tehachapi Mountains with the San Joaquin Valley.It is north of the intersection of the San Andreas Fault and the Garlock Fault, and roughly parallel with the latter.It is classed as a reverse (vertical motion) fault with a left lateral component. The White Wolf fault along with the Garlock Fault just to the south delineates the horst (uplifted area) that makes up the Tehachapi Mountains. Home.


The White Wolf fault is the geological dividing line between the Tehachapi’s and the Sierra Nevada. Seismic and aseismic deformation associated with the 1952 Kern County, California, earthquake and relationship to the quaternary history of the White Wolf fault

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The answer lies in the structure of the rock layers beneath the well, which, Hough explained, prevented the oil’s lubricating effects from reaching the White Wolf fault. Archives Home; Search.

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